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XANDRIA – Ghosts (Official Video) | Napalm Records

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Music by Marco Heubaum, lyrics by Ambre Vourvahis
Produced by Marco Heubaum
Vocals recorded and co-produced by Julian Breucker at Sawdust Studios
Orchestral arrangements and sound design by Lukas Knoebl
Choir performed by Sofia Session Orchestra & Choir
Mixed & Mastered by Jacob Hansen
Video by AVA Studios, concept by Ambre Vourvahis, Anja Molendjik and Oliver Sommer

Ghosts actually started as a reminiscence to good old Swedish meldodic death metal and with that archetypical guitar riff that you hear right in the beginning.
And then we integrated it into our Xandria soundscape with lots of film score atmosphere and big choirs, because it was exciting to mix these elements and do our own thing with it (still we kept the working title “Swedish Fire” for a long time…).

It is a good example for how diverse the new album will be and how many different influences we were putting into it. We had a lot of things – little musical dreams – in our minds and hearts that we wanted to realize, and along with what you already heard in the first two new songs this is just one of them. There will be quite some more surprises coming…

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FEUERSCHWANZ – Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (ABBA Cover) (Official Video) | Napalm Records

Taken from First Covers Album, Todsünden, out December 30, 2022!
Pre-Order here:

Feuerschwanz states:
“‘The world definitely needs another ABBA cover!’ That must have gone through Hodi’s head when he made a highly dubious bet on New Year’s Eve 2021/22. If Memento Mori beats Voyage by ABBA in the German album charts, we will create a cover version! Hodi, as a self-confessed non-fan of the Swedish band, then had to admit two things to himself: Firstly, Memento Mori reached number 1, so he has to make the bet true. Secondly, the ABBA songs are not bad at all – quite the opposite! So listen to the folk metal version of ‘Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!’ – I wonder if there was mead involved? Certainly. Does the world really NEED ANOTHER ABBA cover? Probably not. Mea culpa. Mea maxima culpa.“

Experience FEUERSCHWANZ live on the Memento Mori headline tour 2022:
Memento Mori Tour 2023
w/ Warkings
12.04.23 AT – Linz / Posthof
13.04.23 AT – Vienna / Szene
14.04.23 AT – Graz / Dom am Berg
15.04.23 DE – Munich / Backstage
20.04.23 DE – Frankfurt / Batschkapp
21.04.23 DE – Saarbrucken / Garage
22.04.23 DE – Stuttgart / Im Wizemann
27.04.23 DE – Hamburg / Markthalle Zusatztermin
28.04.23 DE – Hamburg / Markthalle sold out
29.04.23 DE – Oberhausen / Turbinenhalle
30.04.23 DE – Nuremberg / Löwensaal
05.05.23 DE – Leipzig / Felsenkeller
06.05.23 DE – Berlin / Huxleys
11.05.23 DE – Bremen / Aladin
12.05.23 DE – Hanover / Capitol
13.05.23 DE – Cologne / Carlswerk Victoria


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Ankh Esen Amun 1

Black Road – Bloody Mary (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

“Bloody Mary” written and performed by Black Road.
Vocals/Lyrics: Suzi Uzi
Guitar: Tim Morano
Bass: Casey Papp
Drums: Robert Gonzales
Debut self-titled EP “Black Road (2017)” on DHU Records (cassette & vinyl) and
BloodRock Records (CD).
Get this mix & single here (different mix than on the EP):
Filmed, Directed, & Edited by Don Corthier.
Produced by Liza Moon & Don Corthier.
“Bloody Mary” Mixed by John Morrison & Suzi Uzi.
Copyright Black Road 2017.
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