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Katia Shakath 02

Katia Shakath 02

Katia Shakath 02

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Katia Shakath 02

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  • SemblantSemblant
    Semblant is a Brazilian melodic death metal band. During their initial years, the band performed at several concerts in Brazil with different musicians in the lineup, including the first vocalist, Katia Shakath, responsible for the vocals for the album Last Night of Mortality. Shakath left the band in mid 2010 and …
  • Semblant Sleepless with Katia ShakathSemblant Sleepless with Katia Shakath
    The song “Sleepless”, with vocalist Katia Shakath, was released as a single on October 31, 2009, along with a music video. The track “Legacy of Blood” also appeared on the first demo of 2008. Share on Twitter Share on Tumblr Save on Pinterest

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