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Black Sabbath - Bloody Sabbath

Sabbath Bloody Sabbath

Playlist Sabbath Bloody Sabbath is the fifth studio album by English rock band  Black Sabbath, released in December 1973. It was produced by the band and recorded at  Morgan Studios in London in September 1973. More in Wikipedia Tracks All songs by  Tony Iommi,  Ozzy Osbourne,  Geezer Butler and  Bill Ward. No. Title Length 1. “ Sabbath Bloody Sabbath” 5 45 2. “ A National Acrobat” […]

Black Sabbath Vol 4

Black Sabbath Vol 4

Playlist Vol. 4 is the fourth studio album by English rock band  Black Sabbath, released in September 1972. It was the first album by Black Sabbath not produced by  Rodger Bain; guitarist  Tony Iommi assumed production duties.  Patrick Meehan, the band’s then manager, was listed as co producer, though his actual involvement in the album’s production was minimal. Tracks All music written […]

Nicoletta Rosellini

Nicoletta Rosellini

Nicoletta Rosellini, born Apr 27th, 1991, is a italian singer, also known for integrating the bands Kalidia and Walk in Darkness. Photos Gallery

Kalidia - Nicoletta Rosellini


Kalidia is a Italian melodic power metal band formed in 2010. Current Line U P Nicoletta Rosellini – vocals Federico Paolini – guitars Roberto Donati – bass Dario Gozzi – drums Photos Gallery Discography Dance of the Four Winds – 2012 Lies’ Device 2014 The Frozen Throne 2018 K A L I D I A W E B S I T E W A L K I N D A R K N E S S

W.A.S.P. Inside the Electric Circus

W.A.S.P. Inside The Electric Circus

Full Album Tracks No. Title Writer(s) Length 1. “ The Big Welcome” Blackie Lawless 0 51 2. “ Inside the Electric Circus” Lawless 4 06 3. “ I Don’t Need No Doctor”( Ray Charles cover) Jo Armstead,  Nick Ashford, Valerie Simpson 3 28 4. “9.5. N. A. S. T. Y.” Lawless,  Chris Holmes 4 50 5. “ Restless Gypsy” Lawless 5 02 6. “ Shoot from the Hip” Lawless 4 44 No. Title […]

Tarja Turunen Playlist

Tarja Turunen Playlist

Tarja Turunen – Until My Last Breath Tarja Turunen – Die Alive Tarja Turunen – Falling Awake Tarja Turunen – I Feel Immortal ft. Jason Hook Nightwish with Tarja Over The Hills And Far Away Tarja Turunen – Innocence Tarja Turunen – Little Lies Tarja Turunen – Undertaker Tarja Turunen – Into […]

Tarja Turunen

Tarja Turunen Interviews

Tarja Turunen Interviews Tarja Soile Susanna Turunen Cabuli, born 17 August 1977, known professionally as  Tarja Turunen or simply  Tarja, is a Finnish heavy metal singer songwriter. She is a lyric soprano and has a vocal range of three octaves.


Megadeth Live 1999

Megadeth Live 1999 Megadeth Live 1999 Woodstock 99 was a great live album. It featured all of the band’s best known songs, including “ Symphony of Destruction” and “ Holy Wars… The Punishment Due”. The album was recorded during the band’s set at Woodstock 99, and it captures the energy and intensity of their performance. Megadeth […]

The Agonist

The Agonist

The Agonist is a Canadian metal band from  Montreal,  Quebec, formed in 2004. The current line up consists of guitarists Danny Marino and Pascal ( Paco) Jobin, bassist Chris Kells, drummer Simon Mckay, and vocalist  Vicky Psarakis, who joined in March 2014 following the departure of vocalist and founding member  Alissa White Gluz. Both Vicky Psarakis and White Gluz use growled and clean vocals. With […]