Nahemah Evocation

Carmina Incantatoria

Cantico I
Ad evocationem

Ecce te invoco, Nahemah,
domina mea, dea voluptatis,
voca me et imple somnia
plenitudine libidinum.

Ne timeas, non nocebo,
ego tuus sum devotus,
servus tuus fidelis
et cultor tuarum laudum.

Erit in aeterna simbiosi,
unio nostra perpetua,
cor meum cum tuo ardore
et anima mea cum tuo spiritu.

O Nahemah, mihi succurre,
lascivia tua me nutrit,
lux tua me illuminat,
et via tua me ducit ad veritatem.

Per te, totum est voluptas,
per te, totum est gaudium,
tu es lux mea et fons vitae,
et ego tuus servus in aeternum.

Cantico II
Datus cum seductione

Ecce mihi datum est potentia amandi,
potestatem habeo persuadendi corda,
flectere mentes et vincire animos,
eo magis quod munus est mihi datum.

Non solum divitias vel honores cupio,
sed etiam potentiam amoris ardentem,
potestatem quam mihi Fortuna dedit,
ut alios captivem meo dulci vinculo.

Ardet in me flamma amoris ardenti,
ut sol meus lumen ardorem diffundat,
sicut apis mellifera mellifluum favum
intra sinum portat ad aulam suam.

Volo te amare, volo te seducere,
voluptas est in hoc potestate nova,
et utinam semper mihi maneat,
munus pulchrum quod mihi data est.

Cantico III
Promissio fidelitatis per donum
seductionis a me concessum

Ecce te invoco, dea amoris,
munus mihi datum, potentia seducendi,
et tibi promitto fidelitatem meam,
quando seducam alios, te semper amabo.

Meus oculi tuam speciem mirabuntur,
et vox mea tuum nomen laudabit,
mens mea tuo amore incensa erit,
et cor meum tuo spiritu replebitur.

Sedulo servabo mandata tua,
et in mea potentia usum modestum faciam,
ut te semper colam, te semper amem,
et alios ad tuam laudem ducam.

Tu es mea domina, tu es mea fides,
nihil mihi carius quam tuum amorem,
et sicut flamma ardet in corde meo,
ita tibi semper fidelis ero.

Ecce te invoco, dea amoris,
munus mihi datum, potentia seducendi,
et tibi promitto fidelitatem meam,
semper tibi subiectus, semper fidelis.

Cantico IV
Eterna complicatio

Ecce te invoco, dea luxuriae,
Nahemah, musa mea et domina,
Cui fidelitatem meam promitto,
In aeternam cumplicitatem.

Tuus risus seductor inspiratio mea est,
Verba tua consilium meum sunt,
Coniuncti, potentia sumus timenda,
In simbiosi aeterna cumplices.

Te sequar per omnes vias,
Tu me sapientia tua ducis,
Numquam te fallam, numquam te deseram,
Coniuncti, dominium potens sumus.

Sub tua gratia, voluptatem experiar,
In tuis brachiis, pacem inveniam,
Nihil non pro te faciam,
Oh, mea Nahemah, mea aeterna cumplice.

Sicut sol et luna, coniuncti sumus,
Nos completamus, nos roboramus,
Cumplicitas nostra in aeternum manet,
Oh, mea Nahemah, mea amata aeterna.

Cantico V
Absque timore per tenebrosas semitas
Excitatus fortis ex somnio nostro

Mea Dea sequendo absque timore
Per tenebrosas semitas,
Me ducente, me gubernante,
Mea lux es in obscuritate.

Sicut umbra, te sequar,
In omni loco, in omni tempore,
Nam tu es meus lumen,
Meus vigiliis custos et protector.

In nocte obscura, fortiter sto,
Nihil formido, nam tu mecum es,
Me confirmas et sustentas,
Tu es mea spes, mea fides.

Periculosissima via, absque te
Mea Dea, non ambulabo,
Nam tu es mea dux, mea via,
Meus fortis custos et protector.

Mea Dea sequendo absque timore
Per tenebrosas semitas,
Me ducente, me gubernante,
Mea lux es in obscuritate.

Ardentibus cordibus, sumus unum,
In somno dulci, mundo separati.
Sed tempus est evigilare,
Et in mundo redeunte resurgere.

Ex somno nostro, nascitur fortitudo,
In animo nostro, crescit robur,
Nam in somnio, invenimus mutuum,
Et evigilantes, manemus unum.

Exultantem somnus nobis donat,
Mutua fides, nos mutuo auxilio iuvat,
Et in expergefacto, manemus concordes,
Cum fortitudine, in omni tempore.

Iam evigilantes, nunc faciamus,
In mundo vigile, somni nostri facta,
Et nos inveniemus, sumus unum,
Ardentes et fortes, ex somnio nostro.

These five poems, although short, are very powerful. The use of the Latin language, with its rich history and cultural significance, adds to the depth and resonance of each poem. The themes of seduction, fidelity, and eternal companionship with a deity are all explored in a way that is both lyrical and evocative. Despite their brevity, these poems leave a lasting impression on the reader and are a testament to the enduring power of poetry.

Nahemah Evocation

Carmina Incantatoria

Song I
The evocation

Behold I summon you, Nahemah,
my mistress, goddess of pleasure,
call me forth and fill my dreams
with the abundance of desires.

Fear not, I shall not harm,
for I am yours, devoted,
faithful servant and worshipper
of your praise and glory.

In eternal symbiosis we shall be,
our union everlasting,
my heart with your ardor,
my soul with your spirit.

Oh Nahemah, come to my aid,
your lust nourishes me,
your light illuminates me,
and your path leads me to truth.

Through you, all is pleasure,
through you, all is joy,
you are my light and source of life,
and I am your servant forever.

Song II
Given with seduction

Behold, the power to love has been given to me,
the ability to persuade hearts is mine,
to bend minds and bind spirits,
and even more so since this gift was bestowed upon me.

Not only do I desire riches and honors,
but also the fiery power of love,
the power that Fortune has given me,
to capture others in my sweet bond.

A flame of burning love burns in me,
like the sun, spreading its light,
like a honeybee carrying its sweet honeycomb
to its hive.

I want to love you, I want to seduce you,
pleasure lies in this new power,
and I hope it will always remain with me,
this beautiful gift that has been given to me.

Song III
Promise of faithfulness through
the gift of seduction granted by me

Behold, I summon you, goddess of love,
the gift given to me, the power to seduce,
and I promise you my faithfulness,
when I seduce others, I will always love you.

My eyes will admire your beauty,
my voice will praise your name,
my mind will be ignited with your love,
and my heart will be filled with your spirit.

I will diligently keep your commands,
and I will use my power with moderation,
to always worship you, always love you,
and lead others to your praise.

You are my mistress, you are my faith,
nothing is more precious to me than your love,
and as a flame burns in my heart,
I will always be faithful to you.

Behold, I summon you, goddess of love,
the gift given to me, the power to seduce,
and I promise you my faithfulness,
always submissive to you, always faithful.

Song IV
Eternal complicity

Behold, I summon you, goddess of lust,
Nahemah, my muse and mistress,
to whom I promise my faithfulness,
in eternal complicity.

Your seductive laughter is my inspiration,
your words are my counsel,
united, we are a fearsome power,
in eternal symbiotic complicity.

I will follow you through all ways,
you guide me with your wisdom,
I will never deceive you, never abandon you,
united, we are a powerful dominion.

Under your grace, I will experience pleasure,
in your arms, I will find peace,
I will do everything for you,
Oh, my Nahemah, my eternal accomplice.

Like the sun and the moon, we are united,
we complete each other, we strengthen each other,
our complicity will last forever,
Oh, my Nahemah, my beloved eternal.

Song V
Without Fear Through Dark Paths
Strongly Awakened from Our Dream

Following my Goddess, without fear,
Through dark paths,
Guiding me, governing me,
You are my light in obscurity.

Like a shadow, I will follow you,
In every place, at every time,
For you are my light,
My vigilant guardian and protector.

In the dark night, I stand firmly,
I fear nothing, for you are with me,
You strengthen and sustain me,
You are my hope, my faith.

The most dangerous path, without you,
My Goddess, I will not walk,
For you are my guide, my way,
My strong guardian and protector.

Following my Goddess, without fear,
Through dark paths,
Guiding me, governing me,
You are my light in obscurity.

With burning hearts, we are one,
In a sweet dream, separated from the world.
But it’s time to wake up,
And rise again in the returning world.

From our dream, strength is born,
In our spirit, power grows,
For in the dream, we found mutual trust,
And awake, we remain one.

Sleep gives us joy,
Mutual faith, helps us with mutual aid,
And in being awakened, we remain in harmony,
With strength, at all times.

Now awakened, let us do
In the awake world, what we did in our dream,
And we will find ourselves, as one,
Burning and strong, from our dream.

Note: The translation into English aimed to preserve the strength and depth of the original Latin text whenever possible. However, it should be noted that due to the complexity of the Latin language, this translation should be considered a version rather than a direct equivalent of the original. The original Latin text has a certain rhythm and poetic quality that is challenging to fully capture in translation. Therefore, while the English translation strives to convey the same ideas and emotions as the original, it must necessarily make some compromises in order to remain faithful to the text’s meaning and intent. Ultimately, this translation is an attempt to convey the beauty and power of the original Latin text to a wider audience, while recognizing that no translation can fully replicate the nuances of the original language.

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