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Motionless In White’s music video for ‘570’ from the record Graveyard Shift – available now on Roadrunner Records. Get it now at

Directed by Jeremy Danger and Travis Shinn



Burn it down, brick by brick. made in 2006
Lost and found, losing grip, I needed this
Question me not, for I gave up everything.
Forget me not, Cause I’ve not forgotten what this means.

Strip me down, tear me apart, you’ll find one theme left.
No sign of stopping till my veins rust.
Strip me down, Tear me apart, you’ll find one thing left.
I fucking know where I came from.

..And nothing can replace those lessons learned,
as I stood with my brothers on the side of the road.
No longer haunted by the skeletons.
No longer haunted by the past.

For so long, it’s all i’ve known /
I’m crossing over the undertow.
For so long no one was listening /
Determined to make their deaf ears ring.

Miles repeat. my worst enemy… is me.
But then 4 soon became 6
To shatter the canvas

Handed nothing. Loss pulling the strings
Outlived the dead trends
United by distance

Ive been to hell and back, with no promise of return.
So I made friends with fire, to keep from getting burned.
No money, no sleep. dedication
10 years on the road this is sacred.
And when i’m facing a wall, I do not quit.
…Cause if you mean it, you will make it.

Pulled apart in a world so demanding.
I’m still here, still standing
I’ve sweat blood from Stockholm to Scranton
still here, still standing.

You can always rinse the surface, but the stain will remain.

For so long, it’s all i’ve known /
I’m crossing over the undertow.
For so long no one was listening /
I did my time.

You live, you learn, you defy the terms, but this house will be my home.
Beguiled, betrayed, it’s the price we pay, as trust will be our tomb.

If you mean it, you’ll make it…

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