Official video for Megadeth’s “Life In Hell” – from their new album The Sick, The Dying… And The Dead! Now available everywhere:

The Sick, The Dying… And The Dead!
1. We’ll Be Back: Chapter I:
2. Night Stalkers: Chapter II:
3. The Sick, The Dying… And The Dead!: Chapter III:
4. Life In Hell: Chapter IV:

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Megadeth: Dave Mustaine, Kiko Loureiro, James Lomenzo, Dirk Verbeuren

Lyrics by Dave Mustaine
Music by Dave Mustaine, Dirk Verbeuren

Written By: Leo Liberti, Rafael Pensado

Rafael Pensado as Vic
Fernanda Ferrer as Vic’s wife
Pedro Liberti as Vic’s son

Elias Júnior
Gustavo Andrade
Carlos Eduardo da Silva Sé
Rafael Romanato Di Sessa
Arnaldo Lauzi Zoghby
Jean eugenio gomes de moura
Luiz Flávio de Freitas Leite Junior
Fernando Henrique Passos
Daniel Alex Molina
Daniela Antônio Britto
Renato Rigoni Galdino
Sebastião Ramos Elias Junior
Jucilene Scarpim Sim
Leandro Nogueira Coppi
Júlia Furlaneto Ferreira
Fabiano da Silva Albuquerque
Raul Gomes dos Santos
Lucas Soares da Costa
Daniel Carlos Horácio
Igor Alves Pereira da Silva
Victor Anselmo
Karina Menasce
Pedro Fornari
Horse Riders: André Benedito da Rosa Junior, Pedro Henrique de Souza Rosa, Mauricio Damiao de Souza Dias, Maycon Donizete Souza Dias
Horse Rider / Actor: Juarez Andrade
Stunts Actors: Gutemberg Lins and Avatar Aang Willians

Set producer and Gimbal operator: Renan Pacheco
Set Producer and drone: Ulisses Andreguetto
Cam (band): Eric Ahlgrim
Making of: Rodrigo Barth
Cams, editing , color and VFX: Leo Liberti
Special thanks to:
Prefeitura de Santo André (Paranapiacaba)
Guilherme Ribeiro de Souza Pinto

Busted, caught red-handed again
You can’t be trusted, born to lose, you’ll never win
You’re so corrupted, you stand before us condemned
So maladjusted to-the-world we’re living-and-dying-in

Spy versus spy, you will never have friends
You deny, the truth of where you’ve been
You get caught, and then the “blame-game” begins

A couple drinks and then you’ll feel ok
A couple pills makes the world go away
What the hell, you’re gonna die anyway and you’ll say…

I’m a disease, and I’m addicted to myself, ha!
I’m all I need, I’m gonna live and die in hell

No fingerprints, you erased you exist
Kill or be killed, how you get your kicks
Over, and over, you just couldn’t resist

Only a fool would do what you’ve done
You lie, you steal, and you cheat everyone
When your caught in your most despicable deed
You plead the court for Diplomatic Immunity

You may be eloquent with your savoir fare
But each time the smoke clears, another body’s there
You’ve had more than your share of good advice
There’s nothing left to say, now except “Have a life”

Their faces haunt your dreams, each, and every night
When it gets too much, in your ring there’s cyanide
Now everything fades out and you depart just like a ghost
The Devil says, “Welcome to Hell, I will be your host”

There’s no reason left to say goodbye!
There’s no reason left to live or die
Judgment’s waiting, it’s the end of the line for you

Your existence and this twisted game
The definition of criminally insane
It won’t be long until you do it again, you’ll see!

I’m a disease, life in hell
I’m all I need, die in hell

#Megadeth #LifeInHell #TheSickTheDyingAndTheDead

Lazy placeholder Megadeth 8211 Life In Hell Chapter IV Official Music Video

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Lazy placeholder Megadeth 8211 Life In Hell Chapter IV Official Music Video
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