Creed Fisher – “Cuz I’m Country”

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VIDEO PRODUCER: Trenton Johnson
VIDEO DIRECTOR: Trenton Johnson
RECORD PRODUCER: Bart Rose, Josh Rodgers, Creed Fisher (Fort Worth Sound)
RECORD LABEL: Dirt Rock Empire

Written By: Creed Fisher, Kaleb McIntire
I might wear these old blue jeans but I get around just fine..I love cold beer but hell nothing compares to ol’ popcorn Sutton’s shine..My Old truck ain’t worth a you know what but it’s still good enough for me..Cuz I’m Country..
Ain’t nothing like a good sunrise and a fishing pole on the pond..Light up a left-handed cigarette and I’m catchin’um all day long..I love the sound when the wind comes down blowing through these trees..Cuz I’m Country..
Cuz I’m country right down to the dirt on the ground and these boots here on my feet..Got wild side 10 miles wide ain’t nobody gonna change me..Love my mama and the Bible but I still take a pull off the bottle..Cuz I’m Country..
Still know how just skin that buck and how to run that ol’ trot line..Still jamming out to old Hank songs like country boy can survive..When The shit goes down I’ll be found back here in these pines..Cuz I’m Country..

Repeat Chorus

Guitar Solo

Repeat Chorus

Yeah I’m Country
I like Chickens and country shit

#OutlawCountry #RebelInTheSouth #CreedFisher

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Lazy placeholder Creed Fisher 8211 Cuz I 8217 m Country Official Video
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