“Blood On The Blade” is the first glimpse of the debut full-length album by Black Road. The album features 7 tracks, released on 10/31/2019 on DHU Records (limited edition vinyl and cassette) and on BloodRock Records (limited edition CD digipak).
Behind the scenes video: https://youtu.be/su35wVVKDoE

More tunes and merch: blackroadchicago.bandcamp.com

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Video inception, direction and execution would not have been possible without Don Corthier and Liza Moon, once again.

Filmed/Edited/Directed by Don Corthier.

Audio Tracked/Recorded/Engineered/Mixed/Mastered at Roosterbat Studios in Antioch, IL by John Becker and Alec Haley.

Copyright Black Road 2019.

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