“She’s On Fire” the new music video by Billy F Gibbons from his new album ‘Hardware’. https://found.ee/BillyFGibbons-Hardware

Get signed and exclusive bundles: https://found.ee/BillyFGibbons_Store

Directed by: Harry Reese

Produced by: Matt Sorum

Listen to ‘Hardware’: https://found.ee/BillyFGibbons-Hardware

iTunes https://found.ee/BillyFGibbons-HardwareiTunes

Apple Music https://found.ee/BillyFGibbons-HardwareAM

Spotify https://found.ee/BillyFGibbons-HardwareSp

Amazon Music https://found.ee/BillyFGibbons-HardwareAmzu

Amazon https://found.ee/BillyFGibbons-HardwareAmz

Youtube Music https://found.ee/BillyFGibbons-HardwareYTm

Pandora https://found.ee/BillyFGibbons-HardwarePandora

Deezer https://found.ee/BillyFGibbons-HardwareDeezer

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