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Ardat is a figure from ancient Mesopotamian mythology. She was a goddess who was believed to be a messenger between the gods and humans. In particular, she was associated with love and sexuality, and was often depicted as a young woman who was both beautiful and alluring. Ardat was also known for her ability to seduce men and was believed to be responsible for causing nocturnal emissions, also known as “wet dreams”. As a result, she was often invoked in love spells and other rituals associated with fertility and procreation.

Ardat was closely associated with another Mesopotamian goddess named Ishtar, who was also associated with love and sexuality. According to some myths, Ardat was actually a manifestation of Ishtar, while others describe her as a separate deity in her own right. Despite her importance in ancient Mesopotamian religion, little is known about Ardat today, and much of her mythology has been lost over time. Nonetheless, her legacy lives on in the modern era, as her influence can still be seen in various aspects of popular culture, including literature, art, and film.

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