The Pleiadians are a purported extraterrestrial species or group of beings who are said to come from the Pleiades star cluster, which is located in the constellation Taurus. The Pleiades star cluster is visible to the naked eye and has been known and revered by many cultures throughout human history.

According to some sources, the Pleiadians are a highly evolved and spiritually advanced civilization that is dedicated to helping humanity and the planet Earth in various ways. They are said to be tall, blond or blue-eyed, and possess advanced technology and psychic abilities.

Proponents of the idea of Pleiadian extraterrestrial beings often claim that they have been in contact with humans for many years, often through channels or mediums who receive messages or information from the Pleiadians. Some people believe that the Pleiadians are working to guide humanity towards a more positive and harmonious future, helping us to overcome war, poverty, and environmental destruction.

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