My Poem For This Picture

In the forest deep, she roams free,
A Werewolf Princess, wild as can be,
Her beauty untamed, her spirit so wild,
Her fierce demeanor, making many beguiled.

With eyes that blaze, like the moon above,
And a howl that echoes, through the woods with love,
She’s a creature of fear, and of great mystery,
A Warewolf Princess, with a wild history.

Her fur, like silver, shimmers in the night,
As she runs free, under the stars so bright,
Her power immense, her strength so grand,
A Warewolf Princess, ruling the land.

Many have feared her, with her sharp fangs and claws,
But her heart is true, and her spirit never flaws,
She’s a creature of beauty, in her wildness so rare,
A Warewolf Princess, with a spirit beyond compare.

Her howl, like music, to those who dare to hear,
It echoes through the forest, both far and near,
A symbol of freedom, and a spirit unbound,
A Warewolf Princess, with a wildness profound.

In the depths of the forest, she’ll forever roam,
A creature of the wild, with a spirit unknown,
Her beauty and power, forever to astound,
A Warewolf Princess, with a wildness unbound.

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Lazy placeholder Ai Picture 8211 Warewolf Princess
Author: Alex Mariano