Video Clips A B B A is a Swedish pop supergroup formed in  Stockholm in 1972 by  Agnetha Fältskog,  Björn Ulvaeus,  Benny Andersson, and  Anni Frid Lyngstad. The group’s name is an acronym of the first letters of their first names. They became one of the most commercially successful acts in the history of popular music, topping the charts worldwide from 1974 to 1982. A B B A won the  Eurovision Song Contest […]

Wagakki Band


Wagakki Band (和楽器バンド) is a Japanese band that plays rock music with wagakki (traditional Japanese musical instruments).  Their early songs were adapted from  Vocaloid recordings but they have since written their own original music. Their music videos for the songs “ Tengaku” and “ Senbonzakura” have attracted millions of views on You Tube.   They have played live in Asia, Europe, and the United States. […]

Walk in Darkness

Walk In Darkness – Eternal River Flow

Eternal River Flow [gtranslate] I’m lost in the clouds Surrounded by endless gates I’m not cold, not in fear, Sky and stars dress my body You… cannot reach me Do not knock on my door The words that you Never say to me Are now silent stones In your heart All will […]

Walk in Darkness

Walk In Darkness – Walk Like Heroes

Walk Like Heroes [gtranslate] Sometimes I’m the moon shining along the river sometimes I’m the river carrying all away If I walk among the stars I see the loneliness these are useless days of heedless and hidden men The world has changed colours and buried the memories The blue sky, green fields […]

Walk in Darkness

Walk In Darkness – Heavy Wings Of Destiny

Heavy Wings of Destiny [gtranslate] All hopes fall like autumn rain In endless nights Sorrow, wrath and consolation Are flickering candles in the dark I can change the course of things Like swans floating On the water Or slowly rising in the sky Loss, doubt and certainty, Cannot be measured here on […]

Walk in Darkness

Walk In Darkness – A Way To The Stars

A Way to the Stars [gtranslate] Sun’s going down and like tiny dewdrops Daylight fades Memories slip away, like clouds in the sky Towards the horizon We are moored like boats, floating and waiting Rain after rain We never hear it coming The silent cold winter Taking away the flowers from our […]


Fast Ipfs Render – Post Version

Fast I P F S Render only available for A N K H T V files Enter a I P F S Hash Below Click to Render The speed for external H A S Hs depends of the availability and number of nodes where the file is present From I P F S From I P F S From I P F S From I P F S Share It Twitter Share Tumblr Share Pinterest Save

Walk in Darkness

Walk In Darkness – Time To Rise

Time To Rise [gtranslate] Beyond the horizon beyond all we can see, something draws the lines of destiny. We are alone in the geometry of things, hanging from the clouds only a hand waving free. Now the winter is everywhere, shadows lengthen (to) turn into demons. while the asymmetric flow of time […]

Walk in Darkness

Walk In Darkness – Nothing

Nothing [gtranslate] We have lost everything we could have lost and we leave again in low light, in the oblivion of the falling leaves thinking we have always been here as if we never born as if we never die’ We can seeships leaving for the starsalong the lines of space time,defying the […]

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