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Berserker warriors are Germanic/Norse legendary shapeshifters that take the form of bears. Berserker warriors are also closely affiliated with the Úlfhédnar (wolf warriors). It is believed they work themselves into an extreme frenzy of trance like energy and unleash their ultimate domineering violent fury while in combat. Impervious to fire and iron thanks to Odin, they are often victorious in the Old Norse Sagas. Berserker means “bear shirt/skin” Úlfhédnar translates to “wolf shirt/skin”.
We built a giant war drum for our video, the more it is played, the more the universe becomes “berserk”. We enjoyed experimenting with some stunts for this video like fire breathing, axe throwing, and wrestling. All music was written and recorded on our home made handcrafted Wolf head tagelharpas, horns, and rawhide drums. Thanks for watching. Stay creative, stay strong!

Artist – Vølfgang Twins
Album – Wolf Path
Video – Created and edited by Vølfgang Twins
Dark, powerful, and ambient Viking style music written by the Vølfgang Twins
Berserker video version mixed and mastered by Vølfgang Twins
Berserker album version mixed and mastered by Kevin Bartlett

#berserker #vikingmusic #tagelharpa
#viking #nordic #norsemusic #bear #vikings #tagelharpamusic #norsemythology #vikingmetal #norse #berserkersong #aggressivevikingmusic

Lazy placeholder x1f525 BERSERKER x1f525 Heavy Viking Music V lfgang Twins Aggressive Battle War Powerful Epic Nordic

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