Devil Blue

Ankh Tv Nft – Red, Blue And Green Collections

Limited edition N F T collections featuring 100 unique illustrations per collection. Each image is one of a kind, making the collection a rare and highly sought after set. With a mix of cute and whimsical designs, “ Devil Collections” is the perfect addition to any N F T collector’s portfolio. Don’t miss your chance to own a piece of […]


Ankh Tv Nft – Cailleach

Add this N F T to your collection Cailleach is a figure in Celtic mythology, particularly in Scotland and Ireland. She is often described as an old hag or crone, and is associated with winter, death, and the earth. In some legends, she is depicted as a powerful and fearsome goddess who wields control […]


Ankh Tv Nft – Damballa

Add this N F T to your collection Damballa is a deity from the traditional African religion of Vodou, originating in Haiti. In the Vodou pantheon, Damballa is considered the primary loa (spirit) of creation, life, and fertility. Is often depicted as a serpent and is associated with the sky and rain, which are […]


Ankh Tv Nft – Bast

Add this N F T to your collection Bastet, also known as Bast, is an ancient Egyptian goddess who was worshipped as the goddess of home, fertility, childbirth, and cats. She was originally depicted as a lioness and was associated with the goddess Sekhmet. Later on, she was depicted as a woman with the […]


Ankh Tv Nft – Venus

Add this N F T to your collection Venus was the Roman goddess of love, beauty, desire, and fertility. She was equivalent to the Greek goddess Aphrodite and was widely worshiped by the ancient Romans. Venus was considered to be the mother of the Roman people and was often depicted as a beautiful woman […]


Ankh Tv Nft – Tanith

Add this N F T to your collection Tanith is a goddess in the ancient Phoenician religion. She was the patron goddess of the city of Carthage and was associated with the moon, fertility, and childbirth. Tanith was one of the most important deities in Carthage, and her worship was widespread in North Africa […]


Ankh Tv Nft – Lord Hades

Add this N F T to your Collection Hades was the ancient Greek god of the underworld, the realm of the dead. He was considered one of the three most powerful gods, along with Zeus and Poseidon, and was depicted as a stern and unyielding ruler. Although he was feared by many, he was […]


Ankh Tv Nft – Fire Goddess

Add this N F T to your collection The fire goddess is a figure found in various mythologies and cultures across the world, representing the elemental force of fire and its associated powers and symbolism. In Greek mythology, Hestia was the goddess of the hearth and home, and was also associated with the sacred […]

মাত লাল চোখ

Ankh Tv Nft – Digital Art

আপনি কি উপরের ছবিগুলো পছন্দ করেছেন? এগুলি সবগুলিই কোনও মানব সম্পাদনা কাজ ছাড়াই তৈরি করা হয়েছিল, এগুলি মানুষের মুখ এবং আকারের সাথে প্রশিক্ষিত মেশিন রেন্ডারিংয়ের ফল এবং তারপর থেকে একটি কমান্ড লাইনে সন্নিবেশিত "প্রম্পট" বর্ণনা অনুসারে অসীম সংমিশ্রণ তৈরি করতে পারে। মানুষের জন্য মেশিন শেখার […]

সম্পর্কিত চিত্র, ফটো এবং ওয়ালপেপার

হাল্লাতার গ্যালারী 01কেটি পেরি ক্লোজ আপটিম মিয়াArch Enemy কল্পনা শিল্পএপিকা 17গোজিরা 01নেতৃত্বে জেপেলিন অ্যালবাম আর্টজেনি স্কুলান্ডার 02সতর্কবাণী - শিষ্য